Will Connell



Since the 1960’s Will Connell has pursued his interests in sculpture. He works with unusual woods, marble, bronze, and various epoxy and polyester resins. He is one of the few artists who developed an unusual mosaic inlay technique for three-dimensional sculptures.


Will Connell is the son of a well-known photographer of the same name. Will senior was one of the original founders of the Art Center School of Design in Los Angles, but Will junior was trained as a scientist and enjoyed a career in the aerospace industry.  He was involved with experiments on the X-15 rocket plane and with the manned lunar missions. He is the author of a number of technical works relating to his aerospace work.


He is also the author of  Prostate Cancer Treatments Options, a Guide to the Basics,  a book that has been adopted by the American Cancer Society for distribution to prostate cancer support groups. Connell spends considerable time working across the state with cancer survivors and clinics.


In 1990 he moved to Grass Valley, California where he lives with his wife Judie Rae; a writer and college instructor. Here, Will pursues his artistic interests which in recent years has focused more on bronze sculpture.


Over the years he has received numerous awards, including first prizes at:

The Los Angles Art Show, Hillcrest annual art show, & Brea annual art show.

He has shown at numerous galleries and his works are in collections throughout California and France.

Will Connell wood sculpture