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I am an artist/maker who uses textiles, found materials, plant dyes, pine needles and metals to create pieces that are functional, wearable art, framed pieces and wall hangings.

While growing up I had unusual taste in clothing. I was tall and thin, nothing seemed to fit my body or style. This began my love of making, first with my own clothing and then on to sewing costumes for local renaissance festivals and later though a website at the birth of such things called Renaissance Wear where I created custom clothing for SCA events, weddings and stage.  

Loving fiber/textiles I attended several classes in basket making, art, design and sewing both though college courses and workshops.  I have worked with many natural mediums to create and discovered the versatility and endless possibilities of wool roving to create garments, and art pieces.  The desire to create colors that match my imagination lead to explorations in dyeing. Explorations in dyeing then lead to the joy of natural dyeing, using plants, mushrooms, and lichen to create color. Anyone who stops by my studio, takes one of my workshops or drops by my booth at an art fair knows how enthusiastic and excited I am by the journey of my work. It is a lifelong experiment.
My work has been featured in Foothills Magazine and shows throughout California.