Sitting with the Daisies

About my Work


I like to design jewelry that combines a simple and modern aesthetic with a natural, sometimes rustic sensibility. 


Most of my work is sterling silver, though I occasionally incorporate other metals to add color.  I cut and shape these metals by hand in order to give my designs a natural, freeform look.


Oxidation is a favorite design element.  I like the organic edge it gives to the bright, contemporary look of metal.  I also like the way it deepens textures and enhances various finishes, bringing out the depth and color of the metals.


Occasionally, I incorporate my ceramic pieces. I shape these pieces by hand, then raku fire them. This process gives them an earthy quality that I think looks great with oxidized sterling.





One of the beauties of oxidized silver jewelry is the way it ages, darkening in some spots and picking up shiny highlights in others as it wears.  For this reason, you really don't need to clean it, you can let it age naturally. 


Sometimes though, it's nice to clean or brighten a piece up a little by bringing back some of the bright silver highlights. To do this, gently scrub with fine steel wool.  Just work in a circular motion or with the texture on the metal. 

(I'm always happy to clean or refinish your pieces for you.)