A Museum Gallery In Lovely Nevada City, CA.

Camelot Gallery is a fun place to work. People’s creativity is encouraged. Rather than a business atmosphere, our aims are towards that of a cultural center or museum.  Our love for art, culture and our mutual aims, has given our staff  family spirit. We really care for each other. Camelot founder Cheryl Vester brings people to our team based on attitude and not necessarily qualifications. Smiles are the criteria for Cheryl. “I want my guests and staff to experience a museum for like-minded artists and culturally sensitive people. It’s a gift we can give each other.”

            So who are we?

            If, as in many sci-fi movies, your flying saucer arrives on the rooftop of Camelot Gallery, and you say, “Take me to your leader.” We’ll take you to Cheryl Vester. You’ll fall in lovewith her smile. Cheryl’s Can do attitude” has become infectious. It’s inspiring to me as I write this blog post.  I’m a fine artist and children’s book illustrator. Pressures of the life can be taxing on the nerves.  I’ve learned from Cheryl’s positivity, that all is possible. Just breathe in… Breathe out… and do the next necessary task at hand.

            If you’re feeling a need for a song and dance, come in and talk with Sonya. There must have been hummingbirds in her ancestry.  She’s always got a smile and a song for a guest of the gallery.  It’s a pleasure to be around her.

            Colleen handles everything tech related and is an artist as well. Thanks to her, I have this blog to communicate with all of you.

            Aniuta is our newest member of our family. Born in Ukraine, then, on to London for a number of years, she’s been in the Sierra Nevada area for about three years. Aniuta’s a talented photographer and our bookkeeper. I look forward to all that she’ll bring to our little home in Nevada City. 

            Me, my name is Anthony. I’m from New York City. I’m an oil painter and teacher of children. I’ve recently begun combining both worlds with a line of children’s books on classical art and culture.

            Finally, let’s not forget Papa James. Red pants.  Happy attitude. He always brings genuine warmth to the gallery.

            And now, our artists. as I write this, Dugan Essick, one of our “furniture men” happens to be strolling through.  “It’s such a pleasure to come here.” He told me.  “The atmosphere is warm, and the gallery is beautiful.” It’s a good feeling.

            And then there is YOU, our guest.  Please make the gallery your own.  Enjoy our coffee and tea bar in the back of the gallery. We have doggie treats and people treats for anyone who comes in. Do you have a cultural-something you’d like to introduce to Nevada City? We are open to collaboration and hosting cultural events at our spacious gallery. We look forward to meeting you!

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