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Nestled in the heart of Gold Country, Manzanita Soul was founded by Husband and Wife, Nick and Monica Freitas.  Eager to contribute a more sustainable art to the community, Nick and Monica decided to move on from their careers in the film industry in Los Angeles. Deciding on Manzanita as their medium, they moved to the Sierra Foothills to establish a business of their own. 

Manzanita is an exotic, native evergreen which offers a warm glow, with lavish grain and texture.  Blending finesse with sustainability, artists delicately sculpt functional art from reclaimed Manzanita.

Named after their small, apple shaped berries, Manzanita's wood is textured with deep, swirling, rich tones of red, gold and ash. Primary artist, Nick Freitas uses classis craftsmanship along with a modern aesthetic to transform reclaimed natural materials into upscale art.

Living indoors, we can become dissociated with the beauty and peaceful ambience of nature. With fine attention to detail, Manzanita Soul creates eco-conscious, luxurious sculptures by reviving the ‘soul,’ of rotting Manzanita hardwood.