Marilynn Jennings has been creating art for over 30 years, beginning as a weaver.  She found the rhythmic movement of the loom created a meditative state similar to what she now experiences while painting.


Her approach to painting has been greatly influenced by the abstract expressionists. Her process begins with applying a textural surface to either canvas or panel boards, followed by layers of transparent color glazing with acrylic paint.  Many of the pieces are embellished with metals, collage papers, and elemental designs. 


The use of color to evoke emotions is her signature; some bold and bright that awaken a feeling of passion and joy; others a soft blending of hues that elicit a calm meditative state.  She describes her creative process like a dance: listening deep within, attuning, and moving to what arises in the moment.  Throughout her life creativity has been more than making art; it is the essence of how she lives her life.