Merle Axelrad

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    I create landscapes made from thousands of tiny pieces of fabric. Fragments of woven color and texture are carefully arranged, layered, pinned and sewn together. In my fabric collages, I distill a place to its essence, and to this end each piece of fabric is carefully selected to make an individual contribution.

Although my landscapes are recognizable as real places, I approach the various elements as abstract forms. Rocks, hills, and branches - these serve as supporting actors, but the real stars are light and movement. Light creates shadows and reveals forms. The arrangement of these forms leads viewers through the image and creates movement.

Rocks above the water disappear at the water line. The landscape is separated into river and shore. Caught between these two worlds, one above the water and one below, is the world of reflections. Sometimes the light is just right, and we can see all three worlds at once. That is the moment that I strive to capture in my work.