Meet The Team

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Cheryl Vester



Sonya Krimsky



Aniuta Lasken


As a manager, I bring a lifetime of practical study in the arts and humanities to Camelot Gallery. Having studied painting, restoration and art history in Florence, Italy, I understand the nuance of aesthetics, design and the important role the sponsorship of the Medici played in advancing the Renaissance toward fruition. 

After graduating from Smith College in 2008, I moved west and began a new life in Los Angeles. I cut my teeth in the wall-decor and hospitality industries where I had the opportunity to work with Sandy Waters design icon of the Parisian Macau and Wynn Hotels & Casinos of Las Vegas.


It is with immense gratitude that I now serve as the managing director at Camelot Gallery. The Sierra foot-hills region has inspired artists and adventure seekers for generations. It is my privilege to serve this community and be an anchor point for the arts.

I was born into a creative family where I was constantly surrounded by art, music and poetry. My father was a writer, my mother a painter and my grandfather was a singer.  Our home was a living gallery. Therefore, Camelot is like a second home to me.


Through art I am inspired to connect with an essential consciousness that has informed the gifted masters of the ages such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt and Monet. Art enhances my true essence and keeps me striving to realize my highest Self.

After getting my Bachelor’s degree in Art History in Europe, my days were spent assisting private collectors of Old Master Paintings, helping them research, buy and sell Old Master paintings for over ten years.


Upon returning to the US and receiving graduate degrees in Psychology and Natural Health, my next phase was working in Crises Centers. Then, while working as a flight attendant, a job which allowed me to tour the world and spend countless hours in the nation’s leading museums, I received my commercial pilot license and flight instruction certification while flight instructing for a local Air Force base.


My love of and passion for art never left me, and am now happily positioned as the owner of Camelot Gallery. The name “Camelot” was chosen after discovering it’s meaning of “a place or state of ideal beauty.” It is immensely rewarding to represent local artists of the highest caliber in Camelot Gallery, and to facilitate the sharing of their works and insights with others.