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“The artist’s stroke, a captured moment in time; a thought, a scene, a memory. To be interpreted, discarded, or savored by the one who cares to see.” –Mary Aiu 2010

            “With each person’s view of the world being uniquely their own, my imagery is reflective upon my ideals about beauty and emotional connections. I enjoy wandering with camera in hand, as I never know what the day’s imagery will bring. This subtractive process, to find and compose a smaller part of a bigger picture is a quiet meditative activity that offers a sense of expanded awareness and connection to my surroundings.

            While most of my subject matter comes from the natural world, Horses are my favorite source of inspiration. I am a spectator in their world, awaiting the moment to capture the splendor of the unbridled horse in motion, their interactions among the herd, or their relationships within the human world. Through my lens I witness the equine spirit: powerful, noble, yet willing to please. Sometimes that capture is enough, though other times I create a Photomontage that sets the stage to a world with no boundaries, which blends my fascination with woodland areas and the free spirit of the running horse. A moment born through my imagination, and theirs.”

            Mary Aiu holds a BFA in Fine Art from the California College of the Arts. She makes her home in beautiful Suisun Valley and the Monterey Peninsula with her family and an array of animal friends.