Sitting with the Daisies

“My exposure to art began early. Something well beyond me began to stir within as a response to human artistic expression. Implied permissions were given – primarily: ‘to risk and to operate from love rather than fear’. I had an uncontainable excitement about these expressions I found so fresh and unusual and broad. A simultaneous awareness was developing about an even vaster palette: ‘what isn't’ – ‘what hasn't yet occurred or has gone unnoticed’.


These days, I'm pleased to have a widening sense about the connective tendril I conduit called ‘me’. About the way I've been placed in this web of astounding creative occurrence we are part of here on Earth.


A number of mystical voices have tempered judgments I've held regarding the human experiment. This experiment (for lack of a better term) seems so extreme to me, relative to the other forms life takes on the planet. A prickly truce has been reached - after all, who am I to judge it? My eyes are so small.


I thoroughly love my role as some sort of "inspirational transmitter" and the permissions I might offer others - my part in this. It's like I've been handed some odd, hot potato, and I'm looking for someone to juggle it with.”


Mark Oldland, 2006