Kathy Neithercutt


Hawaiian born and transplanted to Northern California, Kathy has spent her lifetime submerged in the natural beauty of Eureka, Santa Cruz Mountains and the rustic Gold Country in the Sierra Foothills. Her love of serene natural beauty has strongly influenced the body of her work. 

Kathy was first inspired by her High school art teacher and has spent her lifetime as a creative. Her beautiful pen and ink work has been featured on the cover of weekly publications for many years. Much of her early work has been licensed to a national rubber stamp company. 

She has designed and manufactured jewelry and a line of original hand painted clothing. She has traveled extensively to study and master the art of Spencerian Penmanship and is a sought after calligrapher and flourisher. Her earlier studies and training include charcoal portraits, gouache & watercolor, acrylics including commercial murals. 

Her retirement is when she began her studies with The School of Color and Light. Her mentors, teachers and coaches include: Juan Pena, Margot Schulz, Terry Muira, Thomas Nash, Antonin Passemard, Anastasia Dukhanina and Stefan Baumann. 

Kathy’s current passion is fine art oil painting and has produced an extensive body of work that includes portraits, figures, still life, floral, landscapes and seascapes. 


Kathy is finally giving painting the time and energy it deserves in her life.  This is her time to finally show the world her beautiful work she can do.  When she paints her brush literally dances across the canvas.   As she paints her eye catches spots of color and places them on the canvas where they sing out.  


   Over the years she has studied under realists, colorists and tonalists.  All of this comes into play in each canvas as decisions are made and puzzles are solved.  You could say her work leans more towards the realist/colorist side.  Always bringing the best out of each location onto the canvas.  


Her main focus right now is doing plein air landscapes series in Northern California and Hawaii.  In the past she has enjoyed portrait and still life work.