Jim Hayes

A bit about me….


I was introduced to silversmithing while in high school. I loved it! But, life being what it is; many years had passed before I had the opportunity to get back to it. I took some basic silversmithing classes and did a bit of lapidary work.


I started selling my work professionally at the Portland Saturday Market approximately 30 years ago in Portland, Oregon. I worked there five years before expanding to shops and galleries coast to coast.


Twenty years ago I started cutting, shaping and polishing stones again. I have been honing my skills with my close friend and mentor Homer Etherton. I travel around the western United States to rock shows and to visit other rock hounds and miners. I’m looking for that special material to make that special piece.

I live in a small river town in California where it’s peaceful, quiet and warm. In my spare time I like to garden and fish. 

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