Diving Under Water

Heather Scott is a practicing mitsuro wax and jewelry artist who has been developing her technique for nearly a decade. In that time, she’s perfected the mitsuro technique’s climate-sensitive wax recipe  and learned to bring out the natural beauty of the material to form wearable artisan jewelry. Mitsuro is a rare 1,300 year old Japanese blended wax technique that creates organic designs with beautiful striations.

Heather discovered mitsuro at the perfect time of her life. As a young artist in Hawaii, Heather was moved by the energy flowing through her tropical surroundings and sought a way to express that sense of motion in her work. From the wind of the rainforest coursing though the mountains to the tumbling surf of the Hawaiian shoreline and the currents of the endless deep blue ocean, the sweeping design of the mitsuro technique proved to be a perfect outlet for Heathers interpretation of her environment.