Sitting with the Daisies

“In much of my recent work, I have been exploring the combination of materials. This can be something of a balancing act, yet I'm attracted to capturing that moment where their union generates a new feeling that individually is missing. I pursue the balance of these elements through the refinement of form. While function and comfort are primary, I strive to create a distinct impact through sculptural details and sensitive use."


About The Artist


Gary Upton has been creating collectible furniture since 1976. His work has been shown internationally and featured on the cover of the book Creative Designs in Furniture, the cover of Woodwork Magazine, and the back cover of Fine Woodworking Magazine.


Born 1954 in Palo Alto, California, he attended San Jose State University 1973-76 with a concentration in sculpture crafts. A two year emphasis in silver fabrication and jewelry followed. In 1975, Gary’s work was published in "Metal Jewelry Techniques" by Marcia Chamberlin. In summer of 1976, he attended Anderson Ranch School in Aspen Colorado and studied with Arthur (Espenet) Carpenter, Sam Maloof and John Nyquist. In the fall of 1976, Gary was invited to the Monterey Peninsula Museum of Art to exhibit furniture along with Arthur Carpenter and Sam Maloof in the California Craftsman Exhibit. Work from this exhibit is published in Fine Woodworking. In 1978, he was invited again to the same exhibit. In 1978 he relocated his studio to Northern California. Other achievements include:

• ASOFA Furniture of the 90'S Show-Houston & New York, show winner

• American Crafts Council Achievement Award 2003

• Featured in Northern California Home & Garden magazine

• Featured on Sacramento KCRA-TV Evening Magazine

• Woman On Wall Street television show, The Collectables Corner segment

• Featured on cover of Creative Designs In Furniture book, (1991, ISBN 0-9616012-9-9)

• Woodwork Magazine, cover and feature article, Dec 1993

• Fine Woodworking magazine, California craftsman article 1976

• Sachs Furniture Collection California, side table.