I have always drawn and painted.  One of my first memories is my father, an architect and artist, teaching me shading as I was drawing my dreams.  My father was also an Army officer and we lived overseas right after World War II. The Philippines, Japan and Germany shaped my childhood and the different posts in the U.S. also changed and broadened my world view.  After college I married and my children and family took precedence but I still drew and painted.  As my children grew I went to work outside of the home and after a few years started my own bookkeeping business.  That kept me busy but, in the small spaces, I always drew and painted.

       Upon retiring I expanded my painting, used many internet sources for inspiration and I discovered fluid painting.  That gave me freedom from the control I had always brought to my art and allowed me to use color in extraordinary ways.  From there it was a short step to resin and the exciting methods and beauty that I find in that medium.  I love the organic patterns that I create and I always find the magic, clarity, depth and emotion expressed with each painting.

      Each day I walk into my studio and speak to you with color and form.  It's been a journey of love and it's ongoing.  I'm an artist.