Sitting with the Daisies

 I am an Artisan of all trades… jewelry making, book covering, serigraph printing, leather working, fiber arts. And my absolute favorite ways to make art are painting and ceramics.

Painting landscapes and rivers! Painting them fulfills my mission to document my own personal awe that Nature inspires within me. In some moments, painting can be so much like singing…it can feel so big that my spirit soars with gratitude and my brush dances across the canvas filled with intent of purpose…These moments are why I paint. This is how I wish to spend my life energy!

And clay! Clay is so willing to be formed into whatever my heart desires (if I treat it right!) This is the quality that attracts me to this medium. I’m a dreamer with a vivid imagination and the fact that fired clay is one of the few things left to tell an ancient people’s story constantly fuels me creatively. I form the beads of Clay and sgraffito and paint and fire in the kiln and assemble them into a necklace which someone falls in love with and acquires…Now where will the beads travel? Will they end up in a Museum in a few centuries? What story might they tell in thousands of years once they’ve left my hands forever?