I enjoy working in a detailed style with complex imagery creating an environment for exploration and discovery. The subjects and scenarios are analogies of my perception of life situations. I illustrate a common thread that extends through the history of all cultures it is the need to define how we fit into the process of life and how we invent ways to control our destiny.

In the painting "Forest Dilemma" the human need to express individuality is balanced with the need to secure the first steps towards a cohesive social structure and insure survival. In Ideal Fishin, I try and capture an illusive truth with a mysterious nature yet to be seen. The Reduck is perseverance, steadfast in any environment.

My work has developed an archeological context to themes and subjects. I find that under-standing the past helps me put the present and future into proper perspective. A common thread extends through the history of mankind, it is the need to define how we fit into the process of the natural world. The fertile imaginations of all cultures through history have invented diverse receipts for explaining their existence and designed systems to control their destiny. Strong cohesive social structures and spiritual ideals developed allowing humanity to evolve and survive. Today we are still trying to refine the formula by looking back through time and adapting to the present.