About the Artist


“Where there's smoke, there's fire, and where there's fire, there is the potential for glass. Where there is glass, there is light. Where glass and light meet, you may find magic.”

Curtiss R. Brock


An established glass artist with work in over 25 museum collections around the world, Curtiss Brock founded CB Glass of Tennessee as a vehicle for developing limited edition blown glass pieces that focus on function and originality of design. He challenges himself as a craftsman and a designer to create affordable yet beautiful unique pieces. "I don't want people to have to take out a second mortgage on their home just because they fall in love with a piece of glass" he jokes.


Brock's ideas come from many different sources but as he puts it, "Ideas, everyone has them but my job is to select a few of my better ones and bring them into reality. The only way I know how to do this is through a lot of hard work, some calloused hands and a clear idea of what I feel brings quality to a handmade object."


Here are some things you might

Like to know about your lamp…


Each one is made by hand. They can handle light bulbs from 15 watts to 75 watts. I like the frosted tubular bulbs. You can find the small ones 5" tall. Or you can get the longer ones 11" at any lamp store or on line at These are not as bright so get the 75 Watt ones.


Never touch the lamp when it is on – it may be hot! Never clean the lamp when it is hot. You can clean the lamp with soap and water or glass cleaner. When moving the lamp or setting it on a table always make sure the electrical cord is coming through the grooved slot in the base for the cord - otherwise the lamp may fall over.