Takayuki Harada

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Mr. Harada was born, raised and educated in Tokyo, Japan and received his degree in Japanese Literature. He has been drawing for as long as he can remember.  However, he did not pursue his interest in oil painting with real seriousness until, when in his early thirties, he began to travel throughout Europe and the United States. As he visited the many major art museums and art galleries, he was deeply moved and inspired by the beauty of oil painting, especially those of the great masters.  Thus began a life-long devotion to the art.

He is primarily a self taught artist; however he took some lessons from Eugene Gristchin who received his formal education in the Russian schools of art, Auguste Haboush, a well known artist and professor currently teaching in the Bay Area and others.

Art critic Brian Sherwin commented on artist Takayuki Harada's paintings, stating, "Takayuki Harada combines the classical elegance of painting with a contemporary twist. In a sense, his figure paintings offer viewers an open-narrative that is strengthened by his thought-provoking use of lighting." Sherwin added, "These paintings, such as Twilight Melody and A Tranquil Moment, beckon viewers to build upon the sensual mystery that Takayuki Harada has provided."