Sandy Whetstone

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 I draw inspiration from everything around me, which can lead to a tendency to hoard – “I can make something with that.” Everything is an art project, but my primary influences are from nature, and my work tends to be humorous or whimsical, but also layered.  I believe that there is enough in the world that is disturbing and provoking. I want to create something that makes me smile or laugh. I love to work in a variety of mediums -- paint, ceramics, printmaking, fiber arts, metal and found objects. I will often compose pieces using a combination of media.  Art is a way of connecting, exploring, responding, interpreting and enriching my world -- it is both my therapy and my passion.



Although I knew from an early age that I wanted to have art in my life, it wasn’t until 2005 that I began to devote much time to it. With a dedicated art studio, I find it easier to pursue my passion. I have also developed, directed and taught a summer art program for children at Bergamo Montessori School.

Although ceramics is my primary medium, I have worked with bronze, steel, acrylic, silver, fiber, batik and remnants of house remodels. My latest passion is print-making.

I have shown at Fe Gallery, SMUD Gallery, Solomon-Dubnick Gallery, The Contemporary Temporary Gallery, Union Hall Gallery, The Blue Line Gallery, and the E Street Gallery in Sacramento, as well as in Davis and the Bay Area.  I currently have work at the Sparrow Gallery and the Museum Store at the Crocker in Sacramento, the Pence Gallery in Davis, the Clayground in Winters, and Camelot Gallery in Nevada City.

My other interests include traveling, crafting, fitness, and home improvement. I have lived in Thailand and China and have traveled in Europe, Mexico, India and South East Asia, but have always returned to my home in Sacramento.