Maria Billings


The fiber arts allow me to work with topics that concern all of us as human beings in the 21 century, such as, "World Without Hunger", "Water is Life", consumerism, role of computers in communication, and so on. My aims are to face and transform issues, to bring awareness, and to hint at possible solutions. Textiles add warmth; they invite you in a friendly way to look - and think.


As a painter, I react to the stimuli and visual impressions of my immediate environment: flowers on a table, light blazing through trees in a forest, city- and sky-scapes; all invites me to slow down, look, sketch, and share.



  • Studied three and a half years in Italy (Milan and Rome)

  • Works in private and public collections

  • Solo and group exhibitions

  • B.A. degree ("Textilgestaltung") from the University in Cologne, Germany

  • International exhibitions

  • Public art