Steve Solinksky

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Since childhood I've been a lover of images...the way some of them tug at you, hinting at their mysteries, dampening you with feeling. I really don't have any idea what gives an image this power. I have noticed, however, there are states of mind – I would call them reveries - in which the joy and grandeur of being are reflected in unexpected aspects of the world I see around me. Traveling has usually opened me up to such states, where I slip 'out of my head', disengage from the predictable thought patterns of everyday schedules, and with some grace, come to my senses. The sheer excitement and enthusiasm of these moments is the driving force of my art. The imagery captured is simply a record of my own fascination, a moment of awe where the dance of light and shadow transform the ordinary world into the magnificent and mysterious.

For many years I recorded my subjects solely with a 4x5 view camera. I found this format to produce prints of incredible detail that could be enlarged many times with impressive, dazzling results. More recently, perhaps softening with age, I have gone to carrying around medium format cameras (Bronica ETR5 & several Fuji 690's) loaded with faster films. Smaller and lighter, they are useful in hand-held situations where the subject or light do not allow the slower, methodical approach of the view camera.

For 26 years I made all of my prints in my own studio darkroom. But with the huge advances in digital imaging which allow the photographer greater artistic control over his image, last year I began the transition into the digital darkroom. Today I scan my negatives on my high-end scanner and work on the image files in Photoshop. Many of' the manipulations I employ in Photoshop are similar to those I use in the darkroom, but with much greater control and choice. I print the finished file on my high-end Epson 10000 printer, or my new Epson 7600 printer. The added control derived from the digital workflow is a powerful tool for the artist who holds a vision. Included in my portfolio are several examples of digital collage where an image is partially or wholly mirrored. I have found these images to convey a satisfying sense of peace, simplicity, and mystic unity.