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Chris Hayman was born in New York. Hayman attended the University of Maryland while pursuing her Bachelors degree in Art History. She would later attend the University of Nevada where she was awarded a degree in art education.

Having demonstrated an interest in art from the early age of nine, Hayman learned to channel her talent while enrolled in college. Inspired by the natural world, Hayman believes painting is a process of constant investigation. Additionally, Hayman’s aesthetic has been greatly influenced by painters Gustavo Rivera, Roland Peterson and Mike Henderson.


Hayman’s artwork is abstract and spirited. Generating a momentum all their own, Hayman’s unique combinations of vibrant color and expressive texture distinguish her work from other abstract artists. Hayman’s artwork, while inspired by landscape, is reminiscent of a “feel” scape, where her surroundings, experience and feelings converge on a 2- dimensional surface. It is through this process Hayman is able to capture the invisible and make it visible, thus creating a fingerprint in time.

- Caitlin Gill from Merritt Gallery in Chevy Chase, Maryland