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Woodworking has been a lifelong passion of Bill Juhl, nurtured in the background behind a varied career and frequent moves around the world.

“In 2001 I settled into a permanent studio shop in the foothills of the Sierra  Nevada mountains. I seek out interesting woods, and the process starts with finding and preparing wood for turning.   Unlike many other art forms, I don't have the opportunity to "add", only to remove.  My process is one of removing wood until we can reveal the beauty and sculpt our desired outcome.  I have had the good fortune to study at length with the true legends of woodturning

Woodturning as an art begins with the material that nature has provided – wood, once a living thing.  It has moisture, defects, it moves, and has faults. Different species respond differently to the cutting tools, move over time in different ways, and have textures and finishes that are unique.”

I work mostly with local woods and my turnings generally fall into one of two categories:
Utility pieces include salad bowls, serving bowls, & platters and are safe and durable and intended for normal use in serving foods. With reasonable care these items will last generations.

Gallery pieces are artistic, intricate and generally are less suitable for utility use. Although they are designed to be touched they should be handled with care, as they are intended for visual appeal.

All turnings represent recycling and re-purposing at the highest and best level.