Anthony Emmolo was born in 1963 in the city of New York. Drawing had taken an active role in the artist’s life since early childhood. It was however, in 1988, upon completing his BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, that his life took a sudden turn. One month after graduation, a freelance job for Response magazine put him on an airplane for Taiwan.

Asia, quickly became a passion for Emmolo. He remained there as a working artist and teacher, for 17 years. Six of those years were spent in Taipei, Taiwan. Then, five were spent in Kyoto, Japan. After a shorter stint in Naples, Italy, the artist finally settled for six more years in Shanghai, China. “My art and life have become a product of my experiences in these countries, and have defined my aims as a person, a portrait artist, and a still-life artist.”
The silence of the Asian temples became the setting for sincere self-study and self-expression. “I became more reflective, delving into classical literature and art. It is in the classics that I find my artistic values. My personal aim is to use drawing and painting as an active form of meditating on the subject at hand.”  Whether that subject is a still-life, a portrait, a nude or a landscape, through intentional focus, Emmolo sees it is possible to enter deeper into the subject.
Anthony is presently completing his master’s degree in Children’s Book Illustration. The focus on some of his books are based on his years in Asia.